Public Education’s Alarming New 4th R: Reversal of Learning

February 26, 2024

RealClear Investigations takes a deep dive into the startling post-Covid education world, examining the sad state of affairs of American education. Will education reformers be able to help our students get back on course? We believe so, but it’s going to require a renewed commitment to student achievement.

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“Call it the big reset – downward – in public education.

The alarming plunge in academic performance during the pandemic was met with a significant drop in grading and graduation standards to ease the pressure on students struggling with remote learning. The hope was that hundreds of billions of dollars of emergency federal aid would enable schools to reverse the learning loss and restore the standards.

Four years later, the money is almost gone and students haven’t made up that lost academic ground, equaling more that a year of learning for disadvantaged kids. Driven by fears of a spike in dropout rates, especially among blacks and Latinos, many states and school districts are apparently leaving in place the lower standards that allow students to get good grades and graduate even though they have learned much less, particularly in math.

It’s as if many of the nation’s 50 million public school students have fallen backwards to a time before rigorous standards and accountability mattered very much.”

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