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SBAEʼs vision is an American educational system focused squarely on academic excellence and student achievement, ensuring that every child, regardless of circumstance, is equipped to reach their highest potential.


SBAEʼs mission is to cultivate and empower a nationwide network of state-based professional school board associations dedicated to ensuring that every school board member in their state has access to the training, tools, and resources needed to advance achievement-focused educational policies and equip them to serve as strong, competent advocates for the children and parents in their district.


  • We believe that the education of Americaʼs children is not a partisan issue. An educational system focused on academic excellence and student achievement is a goal that Americans across the ideological spectrum can agree on and SBAE is committed to working with willing partners wherever they exist. 
  • We believe education is an issue best addressed at the local level. Well-informed, well-trained local school board members, committed to working closely with the parents and teachers in their community, can successfully address challenges that may seem insurmountable at the state or federal level. 
  • We are committed to fostering a robust network of independent state-based associations, each freely pursuing the issues and approaches that reflect the unique needs and circumstances of their state. Healthy, respectful debate among SBAE members will only make our Network stronger and more effective. 
  • We affirm the inherent dignity and value of all human beings, believing that what unites Americans is stronger than what divides us. We value collaboration – regardless of political affiliation – to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed. 

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