How Do We Increase Student Achievement? An Education Researcher Weighs In

May 30, 2024

Take a listen as host Anna Stokke, professor and host of Chalk & Talk, interviews education researcher Dr. Dylan Wiliam, known for his expertise on formative assessment.

In this episode, Stokke and Wiliam, “begin by discussing PISA scores and the need to improve math proficiency. They then focus on Dylan’s two primary recommendations for raising student achievement – a knowledge-rich curriculum and investing in enhancing teacher effectiveness. 

They also discuss both formative and summative assessment. Dylan provides some concrete examples for how educators, whether in school or post-secondary settings, can effectively use formative assessment to support student learning.  Along the way, they discuss math specialists in primary schools and things teachers can focus on to have the largest impact.   This episode provides a wealth of practical wisdom for teachers, policy makers and parents.”

Take a listen below!

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